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Antique Dealers - Virginia

Antique Dealers

Lady Tucker’s Designs is one of the most trusted and leading antique dealers in VA. We offer the best quality rare class antiques in VA which are exclusive and available at extremely affordable rates.

Lady Tucker’s Designs is Virginia's largest exclusive antique store for antique collectibles. We have a large assortment of antique collectibles from all around the world that range in many sizes. You can choose antique wooden furniture, Christian Figures, metal furniture, wood carving, antique jewelry, vintage antiques, French antiques, antique lighting, antique armoire and much more. Our mission is to find, represent and provide our clients and potential customers from around the world with authentic, ethically acquired, beautiful objects, rare collectables that are of a very high quality and great value for investment for the connoisseur and the collector.

Antique Restoration - Virginia

Antique Restoration

Remember Grandma’s old rocking chair, around which you and your cousins gathered for her great ghost stories? Or mother’s closest confidant, the sturdy teak antique wardrobe that was specially made for her wedding back in time? And what about dad’s old bookrack that still stores his precious books? These are just a few examples of some antique furniture pieces that, over time, became our family members and came to have greatly cherished memories connected with them. We offer a broad range of antique restoration in Virginia such as wood furniture repair, wood restoration, antique furniture restoration, sofa repair, couch repair, refurbished furniture, chair repair, fix furniture, furniture scratch repair, wicker repair, cane chair repair and much more.

We at Lady Tucker’s Designs, in VA, feel the same passion for the antique furniture and appreciate how much these heirlooms mean to you. While these antique furniture pieces may have been through the ravages of time, our antique restoration staff in VA can breathe new life into them. So sit back and let us take care of your precious possessions, and make them good as new!

Antique Primitives - Virginia

Antique Primitives

Lady Tucker’s Designs is famed in VA for best quality of antique primitives of a vast variety. Antique Primitive refers to the handmade tables, desks, dressers, and chairs from before the era of mass production. These rare pieces often feature interesting carpentry techniques, such as dovetail and mortise-and-tenon joints.

We sell country antiques with rich, and unspoiled surfaces that only use and the passage of time could have created. Items in old paint are also our specialty! Every item we sell is guaranteed to be very authentic. We do not sell reproductions or items made to look old. Lady Tucker’s Designs offer cheap, primitive home decor including country home decor, primitive curtains, primitive country decor, primitive furniture, primitive bathroom decor primitive store, primitive kitchen decor, primitive crafts, primitive country home decor, primitive country furniture, primitive cabinets, and much more. We assure that our antique primitives are authentic and of the best quality, which makes us one of the leading antique primitive’s dealers in VA.

Antique Furniture - Virginia

Antique Furniture

Antique pieces and furniture are the latest trend in interior decorations as they make for smart and chic home decor items. Apart from accentuating your house interiors with these, they also make for great gifting decorative items. At Lady Tucker’s Designs in VA, you can find the Vintage Decor subcategory under the Decor category.

At Lady Tucker’s Designs, we have antique furniture for sales such as antique chairs, French furniture, antique sideboard, antique desk, antique table, antique bedroom furniture, antique dresser, antique bookcase, antique cabinets, antique wardrobe, antique oak furniture, antique beds, antique dining table, and much more. In VA, there is a huge demand for vintage antique furniture, so we provide vintage furniture online, vintage style furniture, vintage table, vintage chairs, vintage bedroom furniture, etc.

Buy these at reasonable rates from the comfort of your office or home. We are very passionate about great quality, classic style furniture. Taking inspiration from 18th–20th-century art and architecture, we strive to create timeless pieces from solid wood suitable for 21st century residential and commercial spaces.

Antique Mirror - Virginia

Antique Mirror

Purchasing an antique item is remarkably environmentally friendly. It means that items, such as the antique mirrors that would have otherwise have ended up being thrown away get to be rehomed, utilized and recycled and re-loved. There are loads of new mirrors available on the market, but there is something always charming about an antique mirror and as there is such a broad variety of styles to choose from it. This means you can find one to suit your needs while respecting the environment.

Lady Tucker’s Designs has a diverse range of antique mirrors in VA such as an art deco mirror, antique mirror glass, large antique mirror, French mirror, retro mirror, ornate mirror, rococo mirror, large vintage mirror, vintage wall mirrors, antique gold mirror, and so on. If you are into the Victorian styled mirrors, then Lady Tucker’s Designs is the best place to look. We can also provide a better quality baroque mirror, antique beveled mirror, antique glass mirror, antique style mirrors, oval wall mirror, antique mirror frames, antique Cheval mirror, antique full-length mirror and much more.